Brazil On My Mind

Flavors to taste and places to eat in Salvador

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know I’m from Bahia, Brazil. In a land where the African roots are deep and strongly recognized through music, dance, festivities, literature, art, and religious practices, the Bahian cuisine is no different. Moreover, blended with Portuguese and native Indian cultures, our Bahian…

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Staying at the Aram Yami Boutique Hotel

Aram Yami, meaning day and night in tupi-guarani, the native-Indian language, is the name of the Aram Yami Boutique Hotel, a charming place in the core of historic Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Nestled in a 17th-century Santo Antonio neighborhood, the beautifully and faithfully restored colonial building fits in gracefully with a…

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Visiting Amazon Rainforest with kids

The Amazon rainforest is unmatched when you want to share with your children the vastness, richness and importance of this place for the planet. As the rainforest continues to disappear and the impacts of climate change continue to become evident, we believe our kids must know the relationship between the…

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