A day trip to Óbidos

When I started planning our trip to Portugal, I thought we would be able to see most of the country in an eight-day tour. After searching for places to visit near Lisbon, I realized that although Portugal may be small (about the size of Maine), there is so much to…

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A 3-day trip to Lisbon

During our 3-day trip to Lisbon, I felt at home like no other place I have ever visited. History explains my level of comfort. I am a Brazilian who was born and raised in Bahia, a state in the Northeast of Brazil. When the Portuguese explorers arrived on the Bahian…

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Day trip to Cascais from Lisbon

Cascais was a fishing village that was forever changed when the Portuguese royal family established it as their favorite location for a summer retreat. This heritage is apparent in its elegant 19th-century architecture of palaces and elegant mansions. Nowadays, Cascais is a charming and affluent community that attracts locals and…

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